storm in a teapot


My quest as an artist is to create art of original, emotive and edifying quality to be exhibited and purchased through gallery representation and online distribution channels. As an art instructor my goal is to enhance lives through creativity, self-expression, and inspiration. While teaching the basic elements of art, my main objective is to advise and encourage students to develop intuitive definition through artistic expression, techniques, and the creative process. Combining inspiration derived from Impressionists like Turner, and Abstract Expressionists, such as Mitchell, de Kooning, and Rothko, creating a luminous presence of reflective light is central to my work.

Treasure Coast Florida Artist

  • Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media, Encaustic, Collage, Assemblage, Floral Design
  • Instructor/Classes for Art Museums, Private Communities, Country/Yacht/Golf Clubs, Clubhouse/Homeowners Associations Members
  • Classes offered to your Community or Facility
  • Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally, Workshops and Wine Paint Parties