Karrie Barron Cards, Love Grows, 4"x6"

Karrie Barron Cards

Karrie Barron Card’s was founded in 1994. My Mother Karrie’s concept was to make 3-Dimensional cards depicting miniature worlds. She began designing and making from a back bedroom in our family home in Fulham, London and would take them, once a week, to her stall in the Apple Market, Covent Garden. From a very early age I helped my mother with her work, and over the years I developed the patience, passion and skills to make and design our ‘little worlds’. In 2007, when my mother retired, I took over our small family run business.

The cards continue to charm and although they now reach a much wider audience worldwide and online we still sell from our stall in Covent Garden. In 2021 we opened a shop in lovely Glastonbury Town which is thriving, here, cards can be made to order whilst you wait.

In this world of mass production, each creation is made by hand with love and care in our Somerset Studio. No two are ever the same, and they are truly a pleasure to both give and receive.

Personalized luxury cards, to celebrate all of life’s occasions.

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