I’m an abstract mixed media painter.  My work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Washington DC and Toronto as well as Florida and Maine.  I studied sculpture and painting at the Corcoran School of Art and in 1991 received my MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Over the years my work has shifted from mixed media wall sculpture to more abstracted paintings.  I take my inspiration from nature and am currently working on a series of paintings drawn from the landscape and the ocean.  My main focus is to evoke an emotional response which leads the viewer beyond what the eye sees.

I start with a loose drawing, making experimental marks until I feel a sense of direction.  The composition evolves as I work building up layers of paint, collage and more mark making.  I try to project a sense of beauty but with a force of energy and vitality.  I want to give the viewer a reason to pause for reflection and uncover often forgotten memories and feelings.  A good painting should catch your attention from a distance and as you look closer you should discover more nuances that keep you coming back.

I currently live in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and spend the summer months in Maine.