Four Green Apples 40"x50" by Ellen Diamond


As a young child, Ellen Diamond was enthralled by the beauty and imagination that artists created on their canvases. Unlike most youngsters, she grew up in a home that was totally enmeshed in the world of art. Her father, Ben Clements was a renowned portrait painter, and served as her inspiration. She found her joy and passion in the museums of New York City where the works of Matisse, Monet, Bonnard and other 19th and 20th century masters inspired her. These formative years have served her well, and enabled her to master the techniques that now place her as a leading contemporary impressionist.

Her formal training at New York University included experimentation with abstraction as well as the more traditional approaches to art. She ultimately developed her own special technique in which shape, color and light became the central theme of her works. The harmonious interconnection of these elements led her to a style that has been heralded by critics and art collectors alike.

Her works took on significant meaning when she made her first trip to Provence where she was mesmerized by the landscape filled with light, replete with colors and shapes that quickly inspired her to translate the breathtaking scenery of Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Les Baux, Antibes and other Provencal towns into masterful works of art in her unique contemporary impressionistic style. Her love of Provence has taken her back to that dreamlike setting summer after summer where every breath she takes inspires her to make her palette come alive. During her time at home in Northern Florida, she is inspired by similar light, color and shape that captivates her in the Provencal towns. The marshes of this area have given her yet another setting in which her artistic talents can be realized. Although these landscapes are totally different, her imaginative work with color have made each an integral part of the other.