Bautiful Girl


Judith Williams is a New York born artist now living in Jacksonville, Florida. She is self- taught, and also studied at SUNY Binghamton in upstate New York in their Studio Arts program with James Bohary and David Shapiro. Painting is a vehicle that Judith has used to overcome many personal obstacles. Art soon became a consistent, reliable healer, a means of expression, and has become a necessary extension of herself. She spends time with her family and long sunny days painting in her Florida studio. Her figurative drawings represent a strong universal appeal. Her charcoal paintings/drawings have been described as charming and innocent.  Her work shows glimpses of classical styles mixed with hints of abstraction.

You can find Judith’s work in select galleries across the United States.

Artist’s Statement on Figurative Work

“I think working with Charcoal is magical. The vine itself is so light it seems as though it is weightless, the dust flies as the sound of its wonderful scratching against the canvas fills the air, and it melts into the canvas so quickly.

Figurative work follows me and challenges me. I feel my gift is being able to capture traces of what my imagination lets go of. Then I bring out the best qualities in the lines by giving and taking away, creating a form that is at once ethereal and evanescent. In the end, I hope to create something that keeps pushing me to move forward.”