Nesti Tona

ABOUT NESTI TONA – 2022 San Marco Art Festival poster contest Winner

Nesti was born in 1958 in Pogradec, Albania, a small Eastern European country. His love for art started at a young age, when he was inspired by the beautiful sites of his city, from the beautiful Lake Ohrid to the magnificent Dry Mountain. All of his pieces have inspiration and parts of Pogradec showcased in them. His art incorporates different life stages, experiences, styles, and mediums. As you see his art, you will quickly discover his passion for art, color, and story telling in his paintings.
Nesti completed studies in monumental painting and drawing at the Academy of Arts in the Albanian capital of Tirana in 1986, after an intensive traditional art program.
From 1987 – 2000, as a professor at the Koli Gusho School, he shared his knowledge and love of art with students. In addition, Nesti had a private studio where he taught a group of young children until they were addmitted to art schools all over the world.
Nesti showcases his art in different countries in Europe including Germany, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Macedonia, where he has taken home prestigious awards from exhibitions. As Nesti moved to the States, he now has pieces in the galleries of Troy, New York and Jacksonville, Florida.
Currently displaying art work at a local San Marco gallery, The Vault at 1930.
Previous Exhibitions *
1990 – National Art Gallery Exhibition Spring 90′ – Moln, Germany
1996 – Wine Festival for Painting –  Ohrid, Macedonia
1998 – Club of Little Painters – Costanca, Romania
2001 – Art Exhibition – Troy, New York
*Not all exhibitions are included in the above list