About Us

San Marco’s Premier Art Gallery

The Vault @ 1930 (located at 1957 San Marco Blvd) offers an array of two and three dimensional art for you to browse and purchase in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We offer contemporary, abstract, impressionist and multi-dimensional art.

Our goal is to reach out to and affect the lives of a large and diverse local/national and international audience of all ages. We want people to engage in the art we expose and be moved by it, fall in love it with and take a piece home with them. We are surrounded by art in our daily lives, we just don’t stop to capture it, we want people to stop and capture it, we want people to be moved by it, as I am in my daily life. Life is about engaging in the world we live in, inspiring others and truly having a profound and positive attitude. Art gives us the platform to build on our personalities and share it with our family, friends and the world.

There is an abundance of Art talent in Jacksonville, some well-known that have an enormous following, others just emerging but all with one purpose to share their art with the world.

Come visit us at The Vault @ 1930 and discover what inspires you, what moves you and share it with all.