ABOUT Diana Augustine Pawloski

Diana was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She primarily works in oil paint and charcoal, but also occasionally branches out to graphite and other media. She is deeply inspired by her Christian faith. Many of her works flow from that theme. She mainly focuses on the beauty of the world around her and the imbued dignity of humanity as image bearers of God. She also seeks to convey the fallen state of man in need of a savior, exploring themes such as decay, sacrifice, cleansing, and redemption through the seemingly ordinary moments of life.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Florida State University, 2018


FSU Excellence in Visual Arts award 2018

Susan and Mark Messersmith Scholarship

“En Plein Air” People’s Choice Award, Apalachicola

Ann Kirn Scholarship

Print Publications:

Eco Latino Magazine

Élan Literary Magazine