Mary St. Germain is a painter who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Her education was received from Louisiana State University with a concentration in Fine Arts. She is a member of Oil Painters of America, Landscape Artists International, and The National League of American Pen Woman. Mary’s work is in both private and public collections: University of North Florida~ Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Permanent Collection. Louisiana State Medical Center, Shreveport, LA. Baptist Hospital South, Jacksonville, Fl. Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, Fl. United States Embassy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. National Health Care Institute located in San Pablo area, Jacksonville, Florida.

Artist’s Statement

I am a painter whose work is sparked by the natural world through observation and informed by memory and imagination. I am excited to explore and manipulate color complexions to capture the nature of our environment, often employing calligraphic line as an element. The natural world, reflecting life, time, and the seeds of new beginnings compels me to continue.

It is my belief that art and nature are the catalysts to the healing process of the human spirit. Lifting our thoughts and emotions to levels that transform our physical and spiritual wellbeing.