Heartburn for web


As the daughter of a World War II military photographer, I grew up with a camera in hand.  My first memories of taking photographs are of using a Kodak Brownie during a family vacation on the “downeast coast” of Maine when I was only six years old.  From there, my experiences involved learning to use a wide variety of camera equipment from Polaroids to Hasselblads and just about everything in between.  I currently take all my photographs with a Nikon D300.

My love of photography as a form of historical record and reflection is the direct result of having grown up in a home where both photographic journalism and fine art photography were valued.  Certain images (such as some of the Pulitzer Prize winners) had a distinct influence on how I came to view the world in my developing years.  Additionally, my love of nature was heightened because such diverse works as the scientific photographs produced by the Apollo astronauts’ and the artistic works of Ansel Adams.   If I am someday able to have even one of my images affect someone in a similar way, then I will consider my pursuits as a photographic artist to have been successful.